I. Overview of Phuc Hung co.,sjc

Phuc Hung sjcis the leading company in the import –export and internatioanl trading field, real estate, hotel, restaurant,..

Phuc Hung Co.,sjc mainly focuses on trading and import – export bussiness activities. The Head office of Phuc Hung Co., Sjc is landed in Nghe An; the brand is landed in Ha Noi. The restaurant and Hotel are landed in Cua Lo tourist area, Nghe An

II. Vision

To be the leading company with the great reputation in Vietnam and all over the world in the trading and import – export field


Bring the new Vietnamese products to international market successfully, indentify the quality of Vietnamese Products

Offer the tourists and customers the variety of hotel and restaurant services when arriving in Cua Lo town

IV. Developing Brand name – Oriented/ Plans

In the upcoming time, Phuc Hung Co., Sjc will launch plans to promote brand name, reputation  with careful selected marketing team

Building a talented marketing team and website management, developing the company’s brand name to bring the Phuc Hung  to domestic and international customers

Building quality bussiness staff and good marketing employees

Specific plans will be implemented step by step in every stage